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The partners use the information about the customers for the _____ step of their personal selling process. CH5 Which of the following is fundamental to e-businesses like Hubway. When Jim King says that GaGa's products include seven pint flavors and six novelty bar flavors, he is referring to the _____. 2. It marks the first-ever marketing alliance between the Nederlander Organization, Shubert Organization and Jujamcyn Theaters, as well as the Independent Presenters Network and Broadway Across America. It marks the first-ever marketing alliance between the Nederlander Organization , Shubert Organization and Jujamcyn Theaters , as well as the Independent Presenters Network and Broadway Across America . What types of sales-promotion methods have you observed recently? Which of the following best supports this statement? Before opening additional locations, Mike Boyle may want to consider the ________, or number of potential customers within a unit of land area. Zappos has a Facebook page through which the company interacts with its customers and tries to engage them in conversation. "It's more important to focus on great product, great service.". It’s easiest to think of Audience Rewards as a loyalty program for the performing arts, which a focus on Broadway and the NYC scene in particular. Audience Rewards is a loyalty program that you may or may not have heard of before, their tagline is “The Official Rewards Program of Broadway & the Arts”. Facebook and Twitter are examples of _____. A market dominated by 30- to 59-year-old females with a high annual income of … The Nederlander Organization promotes a lot of concerts throughout the United States. CH1 Which of the following statements by Geoffrey B. Small's commitment to environmental activism attracts customers who share these priorities. In addition, Audience Rewards may cancel Audience Rewards member's accumulated ShowPoints, suspend Audience Rewards program benefits, or cancel an Audience Rewards member's account at any time with immediate effect and without written notice, in Audience Rewards’ sole discretion, for any suspected transfer, sale or barter of a Rewarding Experience … A product line is defined as _____. According to Sheryl Connelly, Ford's global consumer trends manager, millennial buyers are less interested in cars as a status symbol than previous generations. This best relates to which of the following environmental forces? 4. Nederlander's customers are mostly women in the age group of 30 to 59 years with an annual household income of approximately $200,000. When GaGa introduced the toasted coconut flavor of SherBetter, it expanded its product line. Zappos uses social networking sites such as Twitter to connect to its customers on a more personal level. As a member, you can earn points for your eligible purchases and redeem them for tickets, merchandise, experiences, and other items listed in the online Audience Rewards Award Catalog. In its earliest days, Huy Fong's Sriracha was known as just another Asian sauce, but today it is marketed and recognized as a unique sauce to add flavor to any culinary creation. ... There’s no reason to ask a contractor if they would like to be in a loyalty or rewards program. Nederlander's customers are mostly women in the age group of 30 to 59 years with an annual household income of approximately $200,000. For most people, the purchase of a Ford automobile would employ which type of consumer decision making? Small best reflects the beliefs of marketers during the Production Era? A simple statement such as: "I know there is a great deal of talent in this room. Which of the following statements best defines a sales promotion? Which of the following can be inferred from this? GaGa is a firm with limited product lines, so it is more likely to expand its product line aggressively. This best relates to which of the following influences on consumer buying behavior? Small's practices relationship marketing. It's free to join! Zappos uses social media as a communications tool in such a way that it is available to people wherever they are. This clip can then be streamed on the Internet packaged as a Lexus advertisement. In a SWOT, this is A strength, because partnering with these theatre companies allows Audience Rewards to have a competitive advantage against other, smaller loyalty programs. CH5 Which of the following, in the absence of a ready customer service, is most likely to increase the popularity of Hubway substantially among users? Customers earn rewards for each purchase based on a traditional point system. Josh Lesnick describes Audience Rewards as being similar to a frequent-flyer program. Such a strategy is typically carried out during the _____ stage of the product life cycle. Of which of the following is China a member? Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program is wildly popular. If Huy Fong were to introduce a new milder version of its renowned Sriracha hot chili sauce to satisfy customers who think the current product is too spicy and the original product is kept in the product mix, this would represent a _______. Audience Rewards - The Official Rewards Program of Broadway and the Arts. It is an activity and/or material intended to induce resellers or salespeople to sell a product or consumers to buy it. Small's company demonstrates form utility? The rapid growth of Alibaba required consumers to trust in and adopt the new e-commerce site once the infrastructure and products to do so became available. Using the program is free and easy and you will enjoy the same great prices and special deals as any other shopper. CH5 The strategic process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods and services to a target market over the Internet or through digital tools is known as _____. Which of the following terms is used to describe the process of creating and designing products so customers perceive them as different from competing products? Tony tried to ensure that the employees at Zappos don't use the term, but the term is ubiquitous. 1. CH4 According to Rob Siefker of Zappos, a social media tool is expected to keep customers informed about which of the following? CH5 E-businesses are most likely to make extensive use of which of the following for marketing and publicity? Join us virtually on Zoom for a conversation with Broadway couple Isaac Cole Powell (West Side Story, Once On This Island) and Wesley Taylor (SpongeBob SquarePants, "Smash").. The Audience Rewards program also depends on outside relationships with major companies who sponsor the rewards for the program. Honor the audience. CH2 Nederlander introduced the audience rewards program as part of its _____. When Helena Fogarty is discussing the importance of creating a look book & the time frame in which that needs to be completed, which component of the marketing plan is she refereeing to? Frank Pepe's strategy of offering free pizzas for a week can be termed as: It is mostly the women between 25 and 54 years of age who watch the lifestyle channels owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, and the advertisements run on these channels are essentially aimed at them. Market Development c. Product Development d. Diversification ANS: A Audience rewards develops existing customers (people who buy theatre tickets) by offering them loyalty points when they … The interviewee says that Apple and Samsung "are the only two companies that are really selling smart phones at this point." The company's customer loyalty team monitors the Facebook page for service as well as fun interactions. 4 List major criticisms and defenses of promotion. Apple Pay is marketed at both consumers and retailers who choose to accept it for payment. GaGa's SherBetter is an example of a(n) _____. According to Rob Siefker, the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, does not like the term social media. It's fast and free to become a member of Audience Rewards®, the Official Rewards Program of Broadway™. This indicates that Nederlander uses _____. 5. Susie Fogelson, the head of marketing for Food Network and Cooking Channel, mentions that metrics are easy to get from social media, and one can see the return on investment almost immediately. Program sponsorship is a _____. you will see a list of nearby locations, nearby available check … Basic issues or selling points to be included in an advertising campaign. These women are the company's _____. The program boasts more than 17 million loyal members, and members make up as much as 80% of Sephora’s annual sales. Small clothing because of the company's environment focus. 3. The raspberry flavor of GaGa's SherBetter represents a _____. Sean Free, the vice president of Sales and Ticketing at Nederlander, mentions that organizations are focusing on retargeting efforts, following customers on the Internet through IP addresses, and pixel tracking. When a retailer initially chooses to make Apple Pay available for its customers, it will use which of the following types of business purchases? The best and most cost-effective way to do this is to focus on your existing customer base with a solid customer rewards program. CH5 According to Brogan Graham of Hubway, "E-business is happening at Hubway at one of the highest levels." What type of targeting is strategy is Boyle's Strength & Conditioning likely using? The Food Network ran a promotion for its show, The Great Food Truck Race, where viewers were asked to go to the Facebook page and nominate or vote for their favorite local food truck. One of the benefits that the Audience Rewards program provides to customers is that they can redeem their points to participate in special red-carpet events and get outfits from a fashion company to wear to these events. CH4 Marketers should turn to social media because: it helps build relationship with customers. they collet points and arc able to redeem them for free or discounted tickets and other rewards. In advertising, reach refers to _____. Which of the following does the designer attempt to do in this instance? This exemplifies how social networking sites are useful for _____. CH4 Companies like Zappos that emphasize the use of social media while interacting with customers are also most likely to emphasize _____. The introduction of audience rewards program to incentivize viewership. Small's operates in a seller's market? In this way, the team creates an advertising platform for advertisers. This statement best reflects the beliefs of marketers during the _____ Era. The video says only a handful of companies make eyeglasses and they mark them up 10 or 20 or more times. CH2 Which of the following refers to the product offering in the marketing mix of Nederlander? CH4 Zappos endorses the use of Twitter to interact with its customers. This event was a great success and generated a lot of buzz. Its sales increases astronomically on days it conducts these demos, and the company later witnesses residual sales when customers come back to buy its products again. 3. a. CH2 Which of the following provides an example of tactical planning at Nederlander? Acquiring such partnerships can be a challenge for most small companies; however, Nederlander’s target market is an attractive opportunity for large companies. No further action is required. This event was a great success and generated a lot of buzz. Organizations use Facebook primarily to _____. The Audience Rewards program allows customers to get co-branded credit cards, which entitle them to earn free tickets or reductions in ticket prices when they buy groceries or pay their utility bills. Acquiring such partnerships can be a challenge for most small companies; however, Nederlander’s target market is an attractive opportunity for large companies. When Warby Parker began selling eyeglasses online, they were priced significantly lower than traditional "brick & mortar" eyeglass stores, and still are today. CH4 Zappos often uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers. CH1 Which of the following would be most effective in helping Geoffrey B. Producing long-lasting clothes from durable fabrics. This is an example of product placement, which forms part of the _____ of Lexus's advertising campaign. Which of the following does this most indicate? Lawsuits represent what kind of approach to responding to environmental forces? Which of the following statements is true of social media? By providing services and assisting customers in making product selections, retailers like Sephora add. Market Penetration b. Managers should consider each of the top eight reasons why rewards programs fail and engage in reparative action or take proactive steps to increase the effectiveness of their program before it starts to fail. CH3 As a socially responsible company, Zappos is most likely to promote: consumer satisfaction and employee well-being. Small. Before introducing the Audience Rewards program, Nederlander was using traditional methods to incentivize customers to go to the theater more and encourage them to patronize its shows. Small implement relationship marketing to deliver long-term value to customers? Apart from a grand opening, Frank Pepe also opts for other marketing strategies such as: Frank Pepe follows a unique strategy in which it gives away free pizzas a week prior to the opening of one of its restaurants. To which of the following environmental factors does this best relate? Instead of creating policies, it relies on core values. an individual's pattern of living expressed through activities, interests, and opinions. CH3 Zappos' standards of conduct and moral values can be defined as _____. CH1 According to Geoffrey B. Which market is Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning operating in? Markup pricing is best defined as deriving a price by ____. Customers can become members for free and are entered into the ticketing system. The Sephora store manager says that Sephora strives to provide an environment that is fun, energetic, and exciting. Zappos encourages informal communication with customers. CH1 "The biggest challenge is to focus on one piece [product] at a time and make it the best it can be." Identifying the cause of a failing rewards program is essential in fixing it. CH1 Geoffrey B. Contributing to the community and improving quality of life is an example of the _____ dimension of social responsibility. Frank Pepe retains its standard and quality throughout its restaurants by: Frank Pepe promoted its new branch to existing customers by: Sharing the information on its pizza boxes. When designing, evaluating or changing a loyalty program — the first step program managers need to take is to clarify the strategic objectives of the program.Loyalty programs can do many things, such as: 1. Which of the following consumer sales promotion methods is the program based on? Audience Rewards® is the Official Rewards Program of Broadway and the Arts. Frank Pepe's Pizzeria conducts a "good neighbor night" at its restaurants, where it donates 15% of its proceeds to a charity. If Lexus sponsors Restaurant Impossible, Scripps Network Interactive can integrate Lexus into the show and have Restaurant Impossible's host Robert Irvine get in the Lexus car and drive it. When the Nederlander Organization developed the audience rewards program, they were pursuing which option from Ansoff’s opportunity matrix? exchange information and ideas through online communities. Which of the following pricing bases does Warby Parker seem to be using? Audience Rewards is a points program that rewards you for your loyalty to Broadway and the performing arts. They are _____. Patents, which protect the first company to develop an innovation, best relate to which of the forces discussed in the text? Jim King, the CEO of GaGa, realized that the brand name GaGa is more memorable than the product name SherBetter and changed the product's packaging to focus on the word GaGa. It's free to join! Huy Fong uses peppers that are ground within six hours of being picked to ensure their freshness, and David Tran, creator of the sauce, says, "We do the fresh one, the best one, the cheapest one." These customers choose to buy Geoffrey B. This is an example of a _____. All transactions at Hubway happen either online or by touching a touchscreen. Apple and Samsung have waged a lengthy battle over ownership of specific technological innovations in the smart phone market. According to Sheryl Connelly, Ford's global consumer trends manager, millennial buyers want lifestyle accessories on their vehicles. According to the video, China had little Internet access prior to 1999 and most Chinese consumers purchased products face to face from small local vendors. The result: a milestone-based rewards program that was extremely calculated and demand-driven. Save money by redeeming ShowPoints to see the shows you love or, even better, securing unique experiences and merchandise exclusively curated for Audience Rewards members… on Broadway and in multiple cities. A product attribute that must be considered by Taza in choosing a marketing channel is: Taza appears to use which type of distribution? The product variable of the marketing mix. Organizations involved in personal selling conduct these activities to develop a database of potential customers; therefore, they are indulging in _____. The partners use the information about the customers for the _____ step of their personal selling … This statement best reflects the aims of marketers during the _____ Era. Findings reported from the movements of Agnus were most likely from using: Sensors installed in the home to record movement is considered a: Celia's impact on early intervention success could be determined through: OSHU's approach to placing sensors in homes could be a: Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning has two locations.

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