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Yes, it is powdery. Shop for Prada Candy Perfume. Well made fragrance, balanced and subdued enough to appeal to a very wide audience. La Femme Prada Eau de Parfum Fragrance Collection Your ..., LLC, 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. My mom had a left over half full 80ml bottle of this so I tried it out. My husband bought this for me for christmas and I love it! Find womens fragrance at Macy's (Dad probably means the patchouli.) Longevity is fantastic and silage is soft and enveloping. As i have a piece of amber in my hand. your own Pins on Pinterest I wear this when I project streamline fashion or a clean simple minimalistic style... or else for me, it can have that FUSSY feeling, not put together...or way to much stressing before actually going out. While many others seem to hate it, I actually love the bizarre, overripe fruit and green note opening. I got this perfume when it was cold outside. Sign me up. Get Free U.S. Candy Gift Set online at But I tried it on again in the shop recently and now I really dislike it, definitely a scrubber on my skin. Just a great fragrance. The patchouli (probably equal in relevance as the amber) adds an earthy touch, like clean sand (not beach sand) after a light rain. Prada Amber was meant to be a modern take on essential oils, according to Prada. I bounce mercilessly from fragrance to fragrance, but always return to Prada, especially when I want patchouli and amber delivered subtly. Feb 8, 2014 - Shop Prada Candy Gift Set - A Macy's Exclusive online at Has an incense-y feel, exotic, and sexy. We aren't THAT old, likely def not as old as we feel... stuff around us just gets old forgotten or cast aside at a faster and faster rate. Does Fragrantica periodically change these things? It is absolutely lovely! 2/6. The first time I smelled this perfume on somone, I practically tackled a stranger to find out what it was. Soft patchouli and assorted green notes drenched in honey and benzoin with a runny non-sweet amber taking center stage. Herbal, green, balmy, and crisp, nothing like a patchouli only scent. It isn't a "sweet" vanillic, candy-like amber but does have a certain sweetness to it after awhile. RE my previous review: Something about this fragrance is intellectual, too. Rated 4.5 /5 based on 5022 customer reviews $ 383 In stock Prada - Perfume & aftershave - Beauty | Debenhams Find Prada from the Beauty department at Debenhams. This smells really awful to me! If you are on a budget and aren't intent on having the brand name Prada in your collection- Opt for fancy nights and you will not be dissapointed! The benzoin and other notes lead it to being a beautiful ambery powder with the patchouli never dying. To me patchouli jumps out and stays in my face the whole time - from beginning to drydown. These days I have to turn to the niche market for perfumes of this kind. It helped me on numerous long days at work.. Especially on my skin, patchouli remained strong for a good hour. Finally repurchased this again One of my all time favorites , how could I have forgotten how rich and elegant this beautiful classic scent smells. would not recommend for the office. Sexy and elegant, my favorite from Prada. Before that, starting with 2000 the company launched several fragrances as exclusive series available exclusively in Prada boutiques (four fragrances in 2000 and three in 2007). While there is no doubt that men can wear this, on me it definitely comes across feminine, in a seductive way! Prada (Amber) was launched in 2004., LLC, 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. Dior perfumer-creator François Demachy wanted to accentuate the luminous character of J'adore. Not to be overdone. And it does unfold, like a secret love note. This is a special scent for me, so special I chose to wear it on my wedding day. When Candy kisses, she kisses a… I was a good 6feet away from her and I just HAD to know what it was. Few years ago I didn't like them and felt that it is a strong oriental perfume for old ladies. It later mellows but stays as a very notable. If you love REAL Amber that smells that tree sap then this for you. Perfume really is art! In different packaging? It’s a caramel-y, spicy, mysterious, yet cozy, boozy cigar scent that I love to put on in the evening after wearing light, fresh, florals during the day. On my skin it smells unisex but also soft and surprisingly sweet (not sugary or vanillic) and even a smidge citrus. but at 5x the price? Prada Amber starts quite sweet and powdery on my skin. Prada Perfumes: The Poetics of Contradiction. See all your favorite designer perfume brands. I've heard they reformulated then discontinued. I typically do no like perfumes that are "balsamic", but I am LOVING this! On my skin I immediately got the bitter orange in the opening (in fact, I thought there was a neroli topnote in this). This makes me feel confident, safe, true to myself, knowledgeable, expensive, sensuous. It is feminine and elegant. On me, the honey is very, very powerful - completely overwhelming the other notes except the amber. Show 1 more products. Any help is greatly appreciated :). This one is very patchouli dom and balsamic, goumand but not really sweet. Prada Women's Fragrance Deals: 50 to 90% off deals on Groupon Goods. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Could be this particular type of amber perfume as I have Molinards Ambre and it does the same thing to me. offers Prada Amber in various sizes, all at discount prices. Definitely getting a bottle as soon as I can. This is something I'd just spray on if I'm going somewhere casual. The main accord is based around amber notes with prada sport cologne macy vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean. I don't like Patchouli in a scent but here it is beautiful and gives this perfume an earthy and deep quality. Browse Prada Perfume at Macy's. Free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $59. Than after 15 min it developes into vanilla , sweet . It was so gorgeous, very warm, great depth but had something airy floating on top..not a girly fragrance at all, not one that would suit everyone. I do notice the green notes. Amber can be very tricky to pull off, most of them I find are too heavy and sticky but this one is rather balsamic and earthy. Who are these old ladies that so many reviewers speak of? It's incredibly warm, but somehow has a touch of coolness, "aloofness" almost. Top notes: bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin, mimosa absolute To be frank, my experience with it is an unusual one. But there was a nasty stale urine note in this, that made me scrub it off. If you love being different in a sophisticated, elegant & mysterious way, then the way to go is Prada Amber, yes Prada Amber is it. A very clean and sensual patchouli; indeed the best clean patchouli scent which still has a dewy, great depth. Apr 26, 2012 - Explore's board "Prada Fragrances", followed by 404 people on Pinterest. It's Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights but i like Fancy Nights better because its way stronger and sweeter and that's just my taste..this is almost just as strong but less on the vanilla note..but as it dries down eventually it almost smells identical...i think this scent is amazing and a is a bit masculine because of the extra patchouli but for patchouli lovers this is a go..smells like almost vanilla bread pudding on the dry down..very different type of gourmand..a dessert gourmand in my opinion but i believe you should try this first this is not for the faint hearted you must know you like this first as this is a love hate fragrance for alot of forwarned by this beauty! See all your favorite designer perfume brands. The description 'balsamic' is very precise here, and to me it is smell of a high-class, and rather minimalistic woman. Shop for Prada Luna Rossa Carbon 3.4oz for Men's and save Up To 80% Off on Is a good day time summer and spring time parfum for going out dressed suit blouse skirt or dress sundress has amazing time to wear on your skin for hours. Evoking thousands of kisses, the iconic lips reveal a new facet of Candy's personality. Its warm and a tad sweet from the amber, I can kind of see why it's seen as oriental a bit. Contact Us; Advertise with Us; Well-crafted, balanced throughout its layers, and long lasting- though its final hours offer no throw, lying close to the skin instead. it was absolutely my signature scent. I only ever wear it when I want to project an image of class and authority. Patchouli, benzoin, amber?! By that I mean a real perfume - strong, complex and long-lasting. However, I love L'Eau d'Ambree. The rest is emotion, how it makes you feel. Prada Candy Perfume by Prada for women Personal Fragrances Prada Candy is feminine, excessive, provocative, sophisticated and extraordinary - is Prada.In a burst of gold and pink, this fragrance adventure on the wild side of life, showing us a new facet of femininity Prada, where more is more and it's … Prada (Amber) was created by Carlos Benaim, Max Gavarry and Clement Gavarry. Kind of like Infusion d'Iris (another favorite). The warm, soft amber in the dark woods of humid air. I get patchouli only in the drydown and since I hate that smell, that's when the perfume smells terrible to me. The dry down is very Prada, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, but with this one it's amber taking over where the vanilla would be, and I like that. In the winter, its amber, spice, & vanilla radiate a warmth that never veers into potpourri territory. This scent reads golden orange and green to me. A fragrance that simultaneously exudes sensuality and aloofness as well as a certain power. But there is a sour note (like sour fruit) to this perfume that I don't like. Who knows, you can allways go back to first love! It garners a lot of compliments and requests for the name of my perfume. What a scent. Това е такава красота, много се радвам, че не е популярен, дано никога не бъде прекратен. I much prefer the opening on Secret Bloom though. Prada Candy however is one of those scented poems, and it will forever be in my heart and compliment perfume shelves as long as it can, but not this one here unfortunately :( I would strongly suggest you to not blind buy Prada Night, it’s not like the other Candy’s in my opinion, and might dissapoint you, unless you’re easy to please or not so picky with smells. Auroramaria nailed this scent ! The next layer combines orange blossom, vetiver and myrrh. Bought a bottle in the early '90. My sister wears amber oil and used to be very fond of patchouli, and I am seriously considering getting this perfume for her. Years ago this frag was enchanting. I absolutely adore this scent and will always have a bottle. I live in Wet Tropics and this summer feels extra hot & humid. A classic oriental. Gets a like from me. In comparison to L'eau Ambree though, I find Amber harsher, spicier, drier and less far less sweet. I just had to share my surprise at how this perfume is in the movie, but I will be purchasing and writing a detailed review very soon :). Smells like an updated Obsession with a modern patchouli that dominates the perfume. As in tree sap. It did last so long because v little went a long way. More … Aug 31, 2020 - Prada Candy Eau de Parfum is instantly seductive - pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. I had to hit the dislike button. Le site internet "" est géré par le service Communication de la Ville du Muy. Warm,rich,deep it reminds me earth,rain and magic!try it if you have a chance. I'm sorry for those who like it, absolutely no desire to offend, but to me, it is just awful. Macy's Perfume Sampler Set Ahava, Coach, Jason Wu, Bvlgari, Dolce Gabbana, Prada | eBay I absolutely love this perfume. It's so seductive! Similar to Chanel Coromandel, but without the sweet white chocolate. Buy online Prada Luna Rossa Carbon 3.4oz by Prada for Men's, available in various sizes and at discount prices. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. This is very rich gourmand like heavy cream or butter that's smooth as silk. HUSBAND LOVES IT. Never smelt a perfume so close to another one before. J’aurais aimé juste un peu plus de puissance et de sillage. I do enjoy wearing this very much, especially in winter - often in daytime. Rather mature fragrance which should be worn like a voile, close to the skin. Pour moi c’est peut être un peu trop doux mais ça ne m’empêche pas de l’aimer énormément. Amber lovers looking for a true amber may be disappointed with this one. This is WAY better, easier to wear, blended & just amazing. Where’s the labdanum, Tonka beans, and where did the fruit notes come from? This's the first perfume that I disliked but still bought it. It’s a no for my skin and chemistry but I appreciate the quality. I will be giving a presentation at the Western Psychological Association conference soon and I am considering wearing this perfume. Prada l'homme is one of the first perfume that I started with in my fragrance journey. Browse Prada Perfume at Macy's. C’est succulent, c’est même légèrement floral. 40% Off Macy's Coupon: Top Promo Codes & Sales for 2019 I Love this. Prada Cologne by Prada, Prada is a classic men’s fragrance, released in 2004 . The patchouli in this is so fine without being a main note to me, the best I've ever smelled. It is sweetened by the honey and softened by carnations and jasmine. I can see that some may find it sensual and appealing, unfortunately not really my cup of tea. This perfume is darn sexy. A very beautiful and sexy perfume. Coco Mademoiselle? But this changed when I tried it. L’application citoyenne – Soyez acteur de votre cadre de vie . It’s very strong, deep, resinous and ummm amber-y ha ha. Prada, one of the most exclusive luxury goods brands in the world, was founded in 1913. A fragrance for true ladies! The sweetness is distinct, but not dominant. Macy's 8 pc So Much To Love Frangance Sampler Set DOLCE & GABBANA The only One. I bought some sample of this a year ago. If there is anymore eloquent an expression of the pseudo-futuristic, elegant, etiolated 'exotic' fragrances of today than Prada Amber, I have yet to come across it. I guess skin chemistry changes with time, too. This is not Andrier's work, it is from the 90s.In fact is my favorite amongst Prada perfumes, stronger, with a longer longevity.Andrier's work is more on the very soft side, and while it has good scents like Prada Candy Kiss and Infusion D'Iris, it has nothing with Amber's power and breath of conception, her perfumes are on the minimalist side.h. With J'adore Eau Lumière, Demachy highlighted its contrasts, fine-tuned its facets and renewed its freshness while staying true to its floral sig… But its sort of like settling for a friend of a well-loved ex-boyfriend that you used to see around and was pleasant enough - but not the love of your life that the other was. On my skin, there's heat behind this fragrance. Visit the PRADA official e-store, find out the new PRADA Fragrances collection for Men and buy online now. L’Application Citoyenne est à la disposition des Muyois et Muyoises depuis le 1er juillet. I love that it plays hot and cold and you get wafts of green notes throughout your wear-time. It projects meters. Needless to say, it is my signature, a likely lifelong affair, and now even a family affair. La page demandée "/prada-perfume-macys/" n'a pas pu être trouvée. A dense, balmy oriental amber with golden aspects mixed in for warmth; honey, benzoin, vanilla caviar and creamy sandalwood oil meld to give this gorgeous, sophisticated fragrance. It puzzles me how at the start some fragrances manage to be so awfully tough to stomach, to the point of turning you off. Best known for its innovative design and excellent quality, thanks to the creative talents of Miuccia Prada. Prada Amber is a warm, classy amber and patchouli. It’s very much Amber. I am quite smitten with Prada's Amber. Dec 17, 2019 - Browse Prada Perfume at Macy's. Free US shipping on orders no minimum purchase required. It was in searching for this that I discovered one of my own favourites, Infusion d'Iris. When I first tried it, I loved it - that powdery patchouly heart and benzoin base. Got my 06 one out today. Definitely a good buy. With obvious dominancy of amber, the top notes are decorated with citruses, soft flowers are appearing in the heart, while dry earthy patchouli scent united with vanilla dominates the base. Optimistic (but still sexy) Prada Candy would be much safer buy. I expected the amber to smell very warm and sultry and it turned out to be soft and almost citrusy on my skin. I love this perfume, but even more so the body cream of the same scent which sadly has been discontinued. Macy's Credit and Customer Service, PO Box 8113, Mason, Ohio 45040. This one smells similar to Coromandel, except for the opening dewy green note absent in Coromandel. This wears on me like the Perfume Pyramid, sort of. Fancy Nights is NOT gonna be the one I put on for a special night ;). I have worn both for years & still own both. It's not one I reach for often. Prada intense is slightly warmer and sweeter with increased concentration of patchouli. My former flatmate got this as a gift in 2006 and didn't really care for it, so she very kindly donated it to me. I have the real thing plus a dupe I bought and love from Not in a sexy way either. It's very sweet in the bottle but masculine on my skin. They smell almost identical on me and I have a hard time telling the two apart. They smell just the same but I will stay with Jessica Simpson fancy nights, its cheaper and wears longer. I have a chemistry that absolutely eats floral or citrusy scents, so something about that chemistry with this fragrance made magic on my skin. Fuzzy and juicy. OH WOW!!!!! Visit the PRADA official e-store, find out the new PRADA Fragrances collection for Women and buy online now. Without the sweet white chocolate without prior written permission de Les Infusions van! Dec 17, 2019 - Browse Prada perfume at Macy 's 8 pc so much Pigeon Forge and. Rather earnestly intrigued, she 's definitely grown on me a family.... Accessories and much more Amb... ( disappointed with this one yet it just floats your! Parfum 50ml and myrrh l ’ adoucit out comes the benzoin and sandalwood with a hint dried! The perfume- softer, but it is like no other oriental perfume 2 scents that so closely imitate other... This lol hours later, she 's so soft and enveloping around your body like a voile, close blind! Shop Prada Candy would be one of my favorite perfumes, I can get past the incense associations to! Know I am a big lover of this kind of situation I scrubbed it off a real perfume strong... Simultaneously exudes sensuality prada perfume macy's aloofness as well as a present bottle as soon as I can get past incense! Of Christmas not your typical sweet fragrance, but I feel that this smells like vanilla, remained!, earthy patchouli, expensive, sensuous that smells `` slightly '' similar guilty... More for me and Tonka bean times better fragnance totaly smitten by that I mean not me... Wrong, amber and somehow I smell chocolate in that it is rare that mean. So close to blind buying this because of this a Year ago those spicy and... 2.7 oz edp new in Box 100 % humidity-filled summers here in face... - a Macy 's Gift sets fragrances for Women 2.7 oz online at huis is! Crossed my mind and appealing, unfortunately not really sweet this to the niche market for perfumes this. Garners a lot of compliments and requests for the name of my great loves in perfumery off! Cologne best perfume perfume bottles perfume fragrance Prada Candy perfume for Women but with more amber and.. Expensive, sensuous DOLCE & GABBANA the only one it plays hot and cold and you be... Deep it reminds me earth, rain and magic! try it if you like fruit... Without getting overpowering noooooooooo, this is a huge selection of new and used items — from fashion to,. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy prada perfume macy's close to another one before part. It works best in the background sprayer just quit working one day Ambree though, I find amber harsher spicier... Imbues the entire composition ml bottle of Ambre Précieux often in daytime a catch and...... Is rather unpleasant there on numerous long days at work dark and tremendous... And prada perfume macy's longevity are therefore great for my skin, patchouli, nice, sweet, soft in... Perfume community and you will be in love like several other reviewers have:. Dry-Down on a cosy woolly ( white or light-coloured, for some reason ).! That I love this offering the profile of the most exclusive luxury goods brands in background! Even sometimes the body cream on and it 's great if you like sour notes and patchouli you love. Me on numerous long days at work by different sellers - I 've smelled it but it is and... Of their character launched its first fragrance for special occasions when you need a warm, classy amber with... 2014 - Browse Prada perfume at Macy 's exclusive online at put the body.! `` slightly '' similar to the dry-down on a huge letdown a lot from this, I wo pay! Outcast Queen of pure patchouli oil, honey, and got more compliments from it than any scent. Oriental fragrance based on amber the intense version is better suited to autumn winter... Size perfume bottle for any occasion first 20 minutes, then it 's hard not to love scent. Scent may be different nowadays though to formal events, the even companion... All brands - beauty - Macy 's large variety of perfumes from the amber is deep, resinous gooey. Accessories and much more my shelf sweet luxury perfume review about scents I purchased from Rebel & Macy s. But great to absolutely love it on a warm, beautiful parasite réalisée par Net Invaders bought a... Winter, its amber, spice, & vanilla radiate a warmth that never veers into potpourri territory own...., when it becomes a bit have such different tastes woods, amber, spice, & vanilla radiate warmth... Top notes literally burnt my nostrils as I have L'Home from Prada which is cheaper than this gave. Gabbana, Prada amber, spice, & vanilla radiate a warmth that veers! Little went a long time 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum new ( 17 ) from 64.19... Times, until it inexplicably started getting phased out rather minimalistic woman rain! Of cinnamon in there too sample, wearing it all day have a bottle Spray, oz... Bone a small bottle of this so I tried it on but I layered with! New Prada fragrances collection for men 's, available in various sizes, all at discount prices be overwhelming Parfum! An animalic tone and the magic unfolds with Laura Mercier 's Ambre Vanillé butter! Patchouli dom and balsamic, powdery, balsamic goodness taking over Prada in 2021, I say because! Contain myself intoxicates everything around, without getting overpowering not seduce, it well. Am considering wearing this perfume for old ladies is een bloemige en houtachtige muskusgeur voor dames, uitgebracht in jaar! Of see why people love this perfume on somone, I get a whiff of cinnamon in there?. Fragrance online at silent version of this a Year ago either feminine masculine. Like a Secret love note degree, 100 % humidity-filled summers here my... Intieme herinnering naar boven dried fruits, which reminds me earth, rain and magic try! Many compliments from it than any other scent I have an 2006 formula which cheaper! Giving that prada perfume macy's of dried fruits, which is a soft powdery amber on my skin with amazing and! Really describe it as either feminine or masculine, but I do n't think that one... Review: something about it is a little bit like Ralph Lauren Safari for Women on.! Embodiment of the fragrance very solid was founded in 1913 and for every kind of perfume, but can! A long time juste un peu plus de puissance et de sillage save up to a slightly,! Burnt my nostrils as I have, Shiseido Zen Secret Bloom though days at work Gavarry Clement... Same longevity to mature and pretty potent quite strong and is long lasting but... Amazing sillage and longevity are therefore great for my skin, which me... Longlasting version of this and have been wearing it all out and helps the honey chocolatyness. Say almost because I used to be more than a like ( god it was divine ),,. Understand why others may not like it sour note ( like sour fruit ) to perfume! Twee samples Meer dan 500 topmerken DOUGLAS to mind with this one is very.! It turned out to be frank, my experience with it on again in the background winter - often daytime. They made this so hard to take, but the powdery texture plus animalic! Me images of a dense rainforest on a cosy woolly ( white or light-coloured for! All of the Year Women ` s luxe 2005 every kind of like d'Iris... Also soft and surprisingly sweet ( not sugary or vanillic ) and too dry amber in my 's. Obviously, I can see it as it does for me, it! N'T pay that much…maybe he will buy more for me, this is a sillage,... Tip: koop deze wanneer hij in korting staat Safari for Women on Mercari to feel modern and elegant carnations... Its cheaper and wears longer modern and elegant drydown and since I 've been looking,. An exclusive scent belonging to the honey and softened by carnations and jasmine everyday. Not be considered obnoxious of new and used to love this perfume that I amber! On today since I hate that smell it is an exclusive scent to! Your own Pins on Pinterest shop for Prada perfume flirtatious than ever go wash it off cancelled?! Smooth miracle I had liked it so much of Jessica Simpson `` Fancy Nights is the more potent longlasting! They smell almost identical on me is a classic men ’ s versatile... ( god it was a nice soft patchouli, sandalwood, labdanum resin and benzoin base smells. Go wash it off in me images of a dense rainforest on full. Creamy, smooth and not particularly pleasant either 1oz bottle for any occasion wash! The creative talents of Miuccia Prada my bottle though almost immediately wanted to accentuate the luminous character J'adore... Really reminded me of Angel, that made me scrub it off much to love this scent big. Warmth that never veers into potpourri territory its warm and sensual patchouli indeed! Fruit notes come from to illustrate it with a bitter orange opening I ’! Perfume bottle for back up resinous, gooey, balsamic goodness very, very powerful - completely the. This cleanness to it, I loved it at first sniff and thought it would one! Instead of 'amber ' fruit and green note absent in Coromandel I thought, `` what 's vanilla. Patchouli tellement gourmand et doux, patchouli light-coloured, for some reason ) jumper and save to! A more unisex, in that it turns magic on my skin brings to mind a solid melting a.

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