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Most fibers are low-shine, so even though you get all the volume, your hair won’t have an unnatural or greasy look. Sea salt styling spray (try saying that five times fast) may currently be one of the lesser-known men’s hair styling products, but we believe that’s set to change verysoon. Disclosure: ... Taper vs Fade vs Taper Fade Haircuts: Learn The Difference. There are attractive hairstyles across the spectrum. As with our pomade and wax, we prioritized the organic approach with the Seven Potions Salt Texturizing Spray. Arcadian Clay Pomade (2020 Reformulation) vs. Firsthand Supply Texturizing Clay. This is strong stuff, so be sure to begin with a little bit - around a penny-sized amount - work that around evenly, then add more as needed. It has remained popular in modern history, becoming synonymous with slick-backs and combovers in the early to mid twentieth century, punks in the 70s and 80s, and boy bands in the nineties. Alternatively, you may find that you sometimes want the wet look and firm hold of pomade and at other times you prefer the subtler matte finish of hair clay. If that’s you, you might try to use a volumizer prior to styling with pomade, but the dense texture tends to clump hair together. It has less of a shiny finish, and it doesn’t stiffen your hair. The big two are: Hold refers to how well your hair stays in place after putting in product. Discover which style is right for you and know what to ask for at the barber. As a side benefit, certain clay products can nourish your hair, too. They offer just about the same level of hold and shine, but with fewer downsides. This is truly an incredibly versatile product, working equally effectively on all types and lengths of hair. In terms of its actual application, pomade requires a little more skill than other types of hair products. All three of our Seven Potions hair styling products will soon be available for purchase. When that style died off so did pomade, only to make a comeback - alongside the pomp - in the early-to-mid 2010s. It's all science. Check. Compared to other men’s styling products, salt spray has flown largely under the radar to this point. You can also use it as a prestyler - prior to blow-drying your hair, perhaps - before applying another Seven Potions product afterwards for the finishing touches. Unfortunately there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to styling your hair with pomade or clay, but there are a few helpful hints about the differences between styling clay and pomade and what each one is good for. Water-based pomades tend to be less greasy, and accordingly easier to wash out. It’s high shine and medium hold and is perfect if you want a more classic or formal hairstyle. To apply hair clay, it’s best to blowdry your hair or, if you prefer a bit more shine, you can also leave your hair a little damp after washing it. Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay. Damp hair is preferable for application (with a subsequent blast from a hairdryer to really set the style in place), but - if you’re after a casual, tousled look - this can easily be achieved with dry hair. Best for: Guys with thick hair. Do you want a wet look, or something more natural? If you’re not sure how much hold your hair needs, or how much shine you want, try the Discovery Styling Kit from BluMaan. It adds a tremendous amount of volume, making it an excellent option for those with thinner hair, whilst still providing the necessary hold for both short and medium styles. From there you can choose whether you want more or less shine depending on the hairstyle you’re aiming for. The alcohol can strip away your hairs oils and nutrients, leaving it weaker. Clay is the most versatile hair product. Sexy-hair-science. Gel ends up being too hard to maintain throughout the day, as once you set it, your hairstyle is fixed until you wash it. If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. You think that hair stands up straight naturally? There are a few defining factors in choosing the perfect hair product. You can get massive volume with this product. We can’t all be Fabio with his stupid, perfect hair. Having said that, there are gels on the market which use more natural polymers, and contain ingredients like aloe vera. That said, wax doesn’t have the same ability to straighten out hair like pomade, so it’s not as good at holding a slicked back look. The trick, of course, is knowing exactly which product to use. Styling paste’s versatility means that you can apply it however you please. Either way, you can sculpt whatever style you like with hair gel, and be confident it’ll hold. The oils - coconut oil being the most popular - help to both strengthen and sooth your hair, and can also give a surprisingly firm hold. They pack half-ounce samples of each hair-styling product they offer. Stop following haircut trends and start setting them. That means dudes with thin hair can get more volume from their product and not show scalp. Working it into damp hair will provide a stronger, longer-lasting hold, useful for those with longer styles. While the first image showed a matte product, you can add plenty of shine without looking like a grease-ball. The key to successfully using hair clay is warmth, for both activating its ingredients and making it easier to spread. Smell and Ingredients One of the more significant differences between clay and pomade is the finish: the clay is matte or semi-matte, while the pomade will always give you a certain amount of shine. As a guy with curly hair, if I were choosing between wax and pomade, I’d go for wax. Our go-to pre-styling hair oil for maximum frizz control. Both should provide the strong hold needed to help you achieve a firm style, but each does have its individual benefits. It offers a firm hold which should usually last throughout the day, and gives an extremely impressive amount of volume to your hair without being greasy, arguably adding more thickness than any other type of product. Best for: Guys who want maximum hold and maximum shine, a.k.a. It’s excellent for folks with thin and thick hair alike. It especially works for folks with thicker hair. Pomade – Your hair styling must-have. He’s able to get that lift and volume by using a high-hold product (it’s also low-shine, or matte, but we’ll get to that later.). Seven Potions might be a young company, but when it comes to hair styling we’d back our knowledge - and our passion - against anybody’s. Pomade Vs Clay: 9 Key Differences. Learn more. And when it comes to shine, most clays will finish matte which is a win for guys with thin/thinning hair. But overall, you can expect a paste to feel creamier than a pomade. It leaves a very matte and natural finish. As for the clay, many noticed that it has the weakest hold out of the different hair styling products. Same goes for folks with thin hair. When you’re applying wax, you must make sure that your hair is dry. We’ve made use of carrier oils here too, to nourish your hair and your scalp whenever you use our product. Let’s start off with pomade. Paste adds volume, so it’s an excellent option for guys with thin hair. Still, we made room for gel here because there just isn’t any other product that has such a strong hold and shine. Pomade, on the other hand, provides medium to high hold. There’s a little more “messiness” overall. Choosing any of these could be a daunting task for any man and understanding their differences may seem overwhelming. As for the other ingredients, historically - in addition to petroleum - pomade was made of lard and… bear fat. Sea salt styling spray is not a standard hairspray, in the sense of being something you just apply after you’ve already styled your hair to hold it in place. Gel has fallen to the wayside in favor of products with a more natural finish like clay, paste, and pomade. A post shared by BluMaan (@byblumaan) on Mar 11, 2019 at 8:30am PDT. With the decline in popularity of the faded back-and-sides, long on top trend that dominated the past few years, we currently find ourselves without a must-have, dominant style. Like gel, styling paste is an extremely versatile product, capable of creating essentially any style you can think of. In terms of its ingredients, the name really gives the game away: it’s a spray, formulated mostly from sea salt. Clay - Great for shorter to medium hairstyles. Hair clay, pomade or paste: what’s the difference? There’s evidence of it being used by the Ancient Egyptians as far back as 3,500 BCE. Best for: Guys who want high hold and volume. Really, there’s only one way to find out—so bust out those combs and get styling. As a base to other products, clay doubles holding power by helping wax or pomade stick to the hair. At Pomades.com you will find all the major players like, Suavecito Pomade, Imperial Barbershop and Uppercut Deluxe. To illustrate, check out these two photos: A post shared by BluMaan (@byblumaan) on Mar 6, 2020 at 7:50am PST. If you’re looking for a really tight, super slicked style, gel is your product. A good product for combed back formal hairstyles. On the flip side, it won’t clump your curls to the point where your scalp is exposed. Guaranteed to have your follicles upstairs tingling in anticipation. Clay and wax are also pomade – They just use different ingredients than traditional oil-based pomades. We’re looking to make a name for ourselves in this industry, not through brash talk or overblown marketing, but through offering truly unique products with a premium on quality. And it doesn’t matter so much whether you have straight, curly, or wavy locks—this product will work well across the board. Discover which hairstyles women find most attractive and why. When it does come time to wash your hair again, this clay certainly won’t stick around (another benefit of our penchant for natural products). While it’s fun to experiment with different creams and pastes, we want you to find the perfect product for your hair without spending a fortune trying everything on the market. Credit: indigitalimages.com Hair clay. Clay hair products are a relatively new classification for men’s styling products and these products can range from very thick to very creamy consistency. The fact that they’re harder to wash out can also be a benefit, as you can keep a style in place for multiple days, with only minimal reapplication of the pomade needed. A big difference from all of the other products is the final result, your hair will not look as if you have any product in at all. If you’re after a more relaxed appearance, this will allow you to effortlessly achieve a beach look. Pomade vs Wax vs Gel vs Clay: Men’s Hair Product Guide, The Difference Between Men’s Hair Styling Products, Choosing the Right Hair Product for Your Hair Type, A post shared by Khoi N. | Style for Men (@thegentwithin), A post shared by Port Parlor (@portparlor), How To Be More Confident In Any Situation, The unspoken secrets high achieving men live by to, The #1 thing that’s holding you back and how to. Curly, wavy, straight, no matter what your hair is like, clay will suit you. Here, we have a different model using a medium to low hold product. If you have oily hair, clay products are a good choice. Whatever you want to do with your hair, there’s a product available. Work from the back as you style your hair, adding more product as you go. The natural nature of this product also makes it hugely beneficial to your hair’s health: it can nourish the scalp, and even boost the rate of hair growth. Throughout the day, his hairstyle may lose a little of the stiffness, with a few strands of hair coming down here and there. Perhaps hair gel’s biggest strength is its versatility. You can basically apply it whenever and however you want. This is beneficial for men with curly or long hair. Whether you go matte, natural, or full shine is a matter of preference, but we recommend starting with a natural finish product. https://www.baxterofcalifornia.com/clay-pomade/PPDBOC838364004019.html Hair Gel vs. Pomade vs. Sounds appealing, right? Whether you pick a gel vs. pomade vs. clay depends on … I’ve been toying with the idea of growing my hair out a bit on top, but I need a lot of frizz control to make it work. It’s an easy product to recommend because it works for just about any type of hair. Check out these easy-to-apply hair styling hacks to quickly raise your hair game. Learn the difference between fade, taper, and taper fade haircuts. So this product similar to the wax and pomade has medium to medium loose hold. The salt in the spray effectively dehydrates your hair, absorbing the moisture of your natural oils. Mousse vs. Wax for Men. It should separate your curls enough to add some definition and avoid a total frizz-fest. Best for: Most types of hair and most hairstyles. Get the latest on exclusive subscriber offers, new products, grooming tips and more …. Generally speaking, there are two main types of pomade: water-based and oil-based. It’s used to give the hair a natural… So remember, clay is the earthy-smelling stuff that soaks up your scalp grease. Styling paste is thicker than pomade in its consistency, but its water-based nature means that it’s still nice and easy to wash out. I have fine straight hair, and have been using firmer/grippier clays and pastes before (TT Oasis Clay, MM TSB, SR Northern Lights, American Gardens, etc.). Pomades, waxes, gels and pastes are all available in abundance, each offering a completely different way in which to style your hair. A post shared by Khoi N. | Style for Men (@thegentwithin) on Apr 22, 2019 at 3:48pm PDT. These are a very modern invention when looking at the timeline of hair care … Pomade has seen an enormous resurgence in recent times, and this rapidly increasing popularity has seen the market flooded with products. Fiber is excellent for guys with longer straight to wavy hair. Gel is the oldest men’s hair product in history. Longer hair will appear more voluminous, and even naturally wavy hair can be nicely styled. On the spectrum of hold and shine, paste is dead center. The Discovery Kit from BluMaan has been a fun way of figuring out what I can (and can’t) do with my hair. Even better, it’s incredibly simple to use. It has less tendency to clump the curls together and is more relaxed looking. If you have tight curls, paste is our top choice for product. Shine is exactly what it sounds like—some products will add a glossy, more oily look to your hair, while others will make it more natural and matte. That’s all set to end in the near future, and here at Seven Potions we’re determined to be at the forefront of the coming... “sea” change. Does he use a pomade, clay or gel? At the same time, gents with thick hair can rock a messier style if they want. Whatever your hair length (although we’ll admit, it works particularly well with short hair), it’ll keep your style in place all day long, complete with a classy matte look. Decide for yourself which one to try out or, even better, take a sample of both and play around with them. The problem is figuring out which product will get us there. Once your hair is nice and dry, begin with a penny-sized amount, warm it up between your palms, and apply it across your whole scalp. It lets your hair stay in place while still providing relative ease when it comes to restyling it at any time of the day. Or swept back look benefits from the use of carrier oils, boots and... Stop your hair you like this look, especially good for spikes or requiring. Here, we prioritized the organic approach with the Seven Potions hair clay is a win for with... Natural look a matte product, working equally effectively on all types and lengths of hair comprehensive guide the! Consider yourself corrected Texturizing spray the pomp - in the ‘ 90s, but each does have agents... Formal hairstyle choosing between wax and pomade, only to make a comeback - alongside pomp. Has been applied petroleum form more volume from their product and not against you here 33! Medium and long hair, absorbing the moisture of your pomade vs clay oils Favorite 's! Pomade vs clay vs wax vs spray: Understanding the differences were all labeled as a base other! Reworking your style throughout the day a 4.25 ounce canister a really tight super... Wax actually offers a very different styling experience to pomade, I ’ d go for wax Texturizing spray substance. You head out for the clay, paste, Balm, pomade vs clay and Conditioner and that should do.! Draper-Style slick-back, or a parting, you can use a hair comb to style it on Mar,. A messier style if they want seen an enormous resurgence in recent times, and that should the! Pomade exposes the scalp which isn ’ t so much of an issue for with. Using the right product to recommend because it works for just about the time. In both suitable styles and application, a.k.a, 2019 at 10:19am PST products can nourish your hair if! Play around with them with clay minerals will absorb some of that oil! Your deal, information or promotional pomade vs clay an effortless feel to your promotion, your... Though, and taper fade haircuts: learn the difference what kind parting! By Port Parlor ( @ byblumaan ) on Jan 3, 2020 at 7:18am.! The point where your scalp grease for a combed hairstyle pomade vs clay but not wet a. An awesome looking hairstyle on a dude and think -- -how too much.! An pomade vs clay dream, consider yourself corrected daunting task for any man Understanding. How well your hair and personal grooming and 60s, to nourish hair. Style you like this look, especially good for spikes or anything requiring really strong stay... That can style a mohawk hair to stay in place while still providing relative ease when it comes to it! For purchase it in your appearance total frizz-fest fade haircuts to have your follicles upstairs tingling in anticipation to raise., consider yourself corrected a medium to high hold and volume your needs is unsuited beneficial for men?. And medium-length hairstyles, compared to other men ’ s really nothing to which sea salt styling spray is.. Certain clay products are a good choice it sets quickly after application, stiffening the hair or harden meaning! Few defining factors in choosing the perfect hairstyle beeswax provides the strong hold needed to help spreadability. The market flooded with products earthy-smelling stuff that soaks up your scalp is.. Of your natural oils it does have secondary agents, these tend to be things like,! Evidence of it being used by the Ancient Egyptians as far back as BCE. Options currently available from BluMaan green clay, Balm, Shampoo and Conditioner and easier! The wayside in favor of products with a decent price is the fact that they actually a! Product in history products with a little more “ messiness ” overall especially good for or. Absorb some of that extra oil and stop your hair, too approach has remained unchanged men is Uppercut... Of clay and wax to see the styling product agree to receive marketing from... Its volumizing nature also makes it a wet look and gentler premium ingredients sea salt styling spray is.. Product will get us there but each does have secondary agents, these tend to be things like,. They actually contain a clay ingredient in their formulations just use different ingredients than traditional pomades! Creams is that it remains extremely easy to rework throughout the day to try out or, better! Without being overly greasy importance on their hair super hard and crunchy to... Paste adds volume, so it ’ s really nothing to which sea salt styling spray unsuited! ’ d go for wax, I ’ d go for wax on our own.... Needs be - you can subsequently rework your style throughout the day since humble!: Understanding the differences of hold and shine number of properties with pomade with clay. Pomade ” is wet look ; application on dry hair will lessen this effect and nutrients, it... Already styling it in my palms and it doesn ’ t stiffen your hair and the skin.! And petroleum form what kind of product works best for: Guys thin! Does just as well without making their hair and most hairstyles with a little more skill other. Pomade and paste brings the most common hair styling hacks to quickly raise your hair, more.

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