merle french bulldog health issues

For doubters of pups from foreign parents registered with AKC, rest assured that all foreign dogs registered with the AKC must have their DNA on file with the AKC before any litters can be registered to them. In fact, the most popular colors with buyers are the blues, and the merles. Our Merle french bulldog puppies all come with AKC registration. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Once the new gene is introduced its bred back into a Bulldog. They either are or are not merle. It’s not all black and white. Vets will say that blue French Bulldogs are even more susceptible to other health issues like congenital deafness, which is a loss of hearing due to genetics. It causes itchy, dried-out skin that can turn into a scaly rash. Your email address will not be published. Merles are not purebred French Bulldogs and are definitely poor breeding. Different studies have shown that merle Frenchies can suffer from severe allergies, stunted limbs, deafness, or blindness. We will explain. If you believe that exotic French Bulldog colors aren’t “true French Bulldogs”, because the breed standard rules deem them unacceptable, then stir away from rare colors and get a fawn, cream, brindle or pied Frenchie - they are all amazing, adorable and offer unconditional love. A Merle French Bulldog should only be bred to a dog of a solid coat color. The AKC recognizes a purebred, healthy lineage, and won’t accept many of the popular and rare ‘fad colors’. According to the American Dog Breeders Association, these are the following health concerns in canines possessing the merle … Concerns for the welfare of brachycephalic breeds, including the French Bulldog, have been the subject of much debate over the past several years. The fact is, a dog bred from two merle parents will likely be plagued with health problems. Breeding two French Bulldogs with the Merle gene can lead to severe health complications. What do bulldog breed organisations say about merle bulldogs? Merle is a gene that causes random modifications throughout the dog’s coat, paw pads, nose, and eyes, by removing pigment – the result being patches of missing pigment that are placed on previously mentioned areas. Merle is a type of genetic condition that creates a unique type of pattern on a dog’s … Just like a lilac French Bulldog, an Isabella bulldog is a result of blue and chocolate DNA. We take every precaution to promote the health of the breed and are committed to our dogs.. The condition is called a “ghost merle” or “cryptic merle”. Pictured below is a chocolate Merle Frenchie puppy called Clara. Standard color breeders and AKC show competitors look down upon exotic colored French Bulldogs like merles, lilacs, blues, chocolates, etc, and consider them to be un-pure and unacceptable. Find the best products linked in the blog below. on French Bulldogs This article on French Bulldogs is part of a series to highlight the Big Picture of health, welfare and breeding. Color on paw pads and nose may be mottled pink and black. It is a pattern that is inherited through an incompletely dominant allele. Some people, even breeders, will tell you that a Merle french bulldog, or any other rare color french bulldog, is not a french bulldog; or that it is not recognized by the AKC. PLEASE google "health problems in merle french bulldogs" and it will probably break your heart and also infuriate you, if … A merle should be not bred with another merle because it will result in a double merle and this may cause various health problems like blindness, skin issues and deafness. Should you buy a blue Merle French Bulldog? Dogs do not 'carry' merle. They are French Bulldogs, they are healthy, they are sweet and cuddly, they just aren’t welcome to the club ;). Are you admiring the beauty of blue Merle French Bulldogs and contemplating bringing one home? Any way keep up wrinting. What other Merle French Bulldog color combinations exist? We offer some of the finest French Bulldog puppies on the market and have built our foundation around some of the most renowned pedigrees in the world. You have touched some fastidious things here. Your email address will not be published. Merle French bulldog puppies have health issues Even though these pooches look stunning at first sight, there are high chances that they’ll suffer from health issues when improperly bred. It's true that this coat color isn't rare for other dog breeds but for Frenchies it is. Our merle french bulldog puppies for sale always come with a one full year health guarantee and a clean bill of health … This means that health problems are almost always certain, and even more so if two merles are bred. Read more to understand more about the condition and how to prevent it. The color is very controversial in breeding circles, but is it true that a blue Merle French bulldog equals health problems? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As the dogs grow and mature, the blue colored eyes change. The puppy pictured below is a Blue Pied Merle with blue eyes, that will be blue permanently. So yes, a different dog breed was probably crossed at some point – but guess what? Let’s dive in. The Merle pattern plays the same role with pigment removal as the pied/piebald pattern, so Merle dogs that are also pied carriers should preferably not be bred other Pied French Bulldogs. However, two merle dogs should not be bred to avoid health defects. Since Merle causes random modifications, both dark-eyed, blue-eyed, and odd-colored eyes are possible. Merle is a dominant gene. Let’s just assume an introduction took place to create blue Merle French Bulldogs. Blue merle French Bulldogs, just like any colored bulldogs, require special care and attention. Worse than the scam being perpetrated on the public is the fact that Merles equal misery in far too many cases. Merle french bulldog health issues. Allergies, stress, and bug bites are the most common causes. Anyone that breeds Merle’s are just it in for the money and they don’t care about the breed at all. Were dedicated breeders committed to breeding healthy French Bulldogs - primarily the more rare colors and DNA such as Lilac, Blue, Blue Merle and Lilac Merle. No, there are no health issues tied directly to the Merle gene. It also elevates the risks of sigh deformation, especially if the dog is a carrier of two of these genes. Of course there is now the Isabella Merle as well – on the right. Beyond the physical appearance of a French bulldog, the merle gene can have an impact on the overall health of the breed. French bulldogs can be color DNA tested for the allele. Blue Merle French bulldog. However, no responsible breeder would go  there. Contrary to what some articles will say, the price of rare color french bulldogs is not driven by breeders, but by the public, and what they will pay. So why do so many people question the bloodlines of Merle French Bulldogs? Most double-merle dogs inherit serious hearing and vision problems. Its impossible for a Merle French Bulldogs to be purebred. This introduction probably took place quite a few years ago, way before the French Bulldog breed gained momentum. Why this restriction still applies is most likely political. The reported health issues in Merle  french bulldogs occur may occur if the dog is MM. Merle dogs will usually BUT NOT ALWAYS have bright blue eyes, or odd-looking eyes (heterochromia iridium). Nothing too crazy, just some occasional ear cleaning, brushing, frequent nose moisturizing and fold wiping. Eczema, or “canine atopic dermatitis,” is the most common skin issue found in bulldogs. Here are the color codes used to register your french bulldog puppy. As long as there is enough genetic diversity, coat color will not affect health. Breeding merle English bulldogs might be highly controversial due to their association with health defects – but double-merle English bulldogs are objectively an even bigger problem, and such dogs generally have a poor quality of life, and a greatly heightened risk of a variety of complex health problems. Black Merle French Bulldogs are black coated dogs with patches of missing pigment that are usually light gray or light brown. Hip dysplasia. Have you ever seen a blue fawn French Bulldog? Inventive breeders are crossing into other strains that do carry Merle, typically Chihuahuas, to create Merle French Bulldogs. The breeder would have to mate a blue Frenchie with a merle colored one and, due to merle being a dominant gene, there is a high chance that it will result in a Blue Merle. Pied, also called Piebald is a gene that is responsible for pigment removal, just like the merle gene. Think – quality diet, exercise, and appropriate grooming. 3.A double merle English bulldog has inherited 2 copies of big M merle from both parents. The merle gene itself, does not cause any health issues. Merle French bulldogs can be extremely healthy if responsibly bred. These are iin fact impressive ideas in about blogging. The rather bulky body of the French bulldog can lead to hip dysplasia, the risk being … Until its officially recogniz… This breed is known for various hereditary health issues such as coat and skin allergies, heart defects, patellar luxation and eye problems. Merle gene might not express itself in cream or fawn-colored French Bulldogs. It is not fully clear as to where the merle pattern came from or when/if it was introduced. After generations and generations of breeding it back, it finally becomes a 100% French Bulldog. Well, it is not a color. Like mentioned before – the dog will not suffer any additional health problems just by being a merle, however, the French Bulldog breed is prone to some health issues, and one of the most important ones you should learn about is IVDD. Any other AKC events are open to all colors of french bulldogs. Dogs do not carry the merle gene but they are or aren’t merle. Required fields are marked *. Breeding two dogs who are merle can cause a lot of problems such as deafness and blindness or both of them together. You are not the only one. These cross bred dogs carry a very high price tag - much higher than the best bred French Bulldog from health tested, well bred litters. A merle should be not bred with another merle because it will result in a double merle and this may cause various health problems like blindness, skin issues and deafness. The merle gene modifies the dark pigment in the eyes, occasionally changing dark eyes to blue, or only part of the eye to blue. Additionally, double merle dogs can have multiple abnormalities of skeletal, cardiac and reproductive systems. Merle bulldog health issues. The AKC will register your rare color french bulldog as long as it comes from two AKC registered parents. Blue Merle French Bulldogs gained extreme popularity in the past year due to their unique appearance and often sky blue or uneven looking eyes. Merle coat pattern comes in different color variations (not only blue) and can affect any dog breed. 17 State Street Suite 4000, New York, NY 10004. However this shade is a lot more champagne looking compared to the regular lilac. A very important factor of responsible breeding is making sure the pairing is done correctly. Is it true? All exotic colors are considered non-standard and an instant disqualification. It should be noted that the purebred French Bulldog gene pool does not carry the merle gene. Merle French Bulldog Color Gene. As of 2017, the French Bulldog is the fourth most popular purebred dog in America. That, not only applies to all coat colors in the breed, but also to different breeds of dog. The cross bred pups which can be created are subsequently weeded out to pick the Merle examples, which are bred back to every other. So what is the conclusion? The answer is, to each their own. This means that health problems are almost always certain, and even more so if two merles are bred. Learn more here. Isabella is one of the newest colors in the French Bulldog breed. Every coat color we see in the bulldog breed was a result of “mixing and matching” to create new color variations and patterns, merle is just the most recent one, the “new” one, and the current controversy. Rather sadly, this gene does not only result in the colorful merle patterns that you love. The reported health issues in Merle french bulldogs occur may occur if the dog is MM. A chocolate French Bulldog is a French Bulldog of a dark brown coloring, with light brown/green eyes that has bb DNA. When many of those interested in owning a frenchie start to do their research, they … Its only difference is their coat and eye colors, the reason why people breed and buy them. This could occur when you breed a merle carrier to a merle carrier. Merle frenchies have beautiful patterns, and may have dark eyes, deep blue or light blue eyes, or even lovely  green eyes. Merle dogs can confront health problems that range from a bunch of structural defects and eye anomalies, deafness, blindness along with increased fetal mortality rates. It’s a new shade of lilac also called “true lilac”. The truth is that no French Bulldog has the Merle … Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk French Bulldog grooming? Black … No, there are no health issues tied directly to the Merle gene. I frequently see misconception about Blue Merle French Bulldogs circling the internet, mostly stating how issue prove and genetically inferior they are. Both lilac, Isabella and blue Frenchies possess the blue eye characteristic – but that only applies to puppies. They might or might not have blue eyes, depending on the genetics. The downsides of the Merle gene come into play when the breeder irresponsibility breeds two merles together, which can potentially result in a genetic disaster called a “Double Merle”. Your breeder’s knowledge plays a huge role in the health of your blue Merle French bulldog puppy. Coat color introduction takes place when a different breed that already carries that color or pattern (in this case, probably a chihuahua) is mixed into the genetic pool. Imagine that, plus pigment removal caused by the merle gene. Blue Merle French Bulldog color is one of the most recent patterns introduced into the bully breed. Out of all possible colors, only a select few (top) are accepted by the American Kennel Club (and most others). Get a GRIHP! Testing is relevant at this time in these breeds : American Cocker Spaniel , Australian Shepherd , Border collie , Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Chihuahua , Dachshund , Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail), English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Great Dane, Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Pomeranian, Pyrenean Shepherd, Bobtail, American Staffordshire Terrier, Hungarian Mudi, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Norwegian Dunker, Beauceron, Bergamasco. Price can be anywhere between $15,000-50,000. The AKC does limit participation in conformation events to the standard colors. The answer is no. Here are some possible complications to be aware of: The health guarantee does not cover the following: Treatment for internal or external parasites or bacteria, cherry eye, loose hips, loose knees, skin allergies, elongated soft palate, and small or collapsed nostrils, bad or uneven bites, undescended testicles, demodex, mange, inguinal or umbilical hernias, fleas, ticks, ear mites, coccidia, kennel cough, Giardia, thyroid dysfunction. All merle "French Bulldogs" have been produced by introducing another breed, usually a … It is important to DNA test any french bulldog from a Merle parent to see if they carry the gene. Merle was introduced into french bulldog bloodlines by crossing a frenchie with a chihuahua and then repeatedly inbreeding to keep the color/pattern until it resembled a frenchie. You see? They are usually mixed with something else to get that color and some will become blind and have many other health issues. Black and tan. Blues (colored like a Weimaraner) have been more of an issue with the breed than any other fad color. The white Frenchie coat color is one of the standard French Bulldog colors described in the official breed standard.. French Bulldogs and New York Lottery | Here to Make Your Day with Frenchies, 4 Signs of a French Bulldog Scam and 4 Ways You Can Avoid Them | Ethical Frenchie, 7 French Bulldog Facts that Might Surprise and Astound You, A Thorough Understanding of Nutrients for French Bulldogs, The Rise of French Bulldog Theft and What you need to Know and Solve, Blue Merle French Bulldog - Everything You Wanted to Know, Top 5 DIY Summer Treats For Your French Bulldog, Most Common Mistakes French Bulldog Owners Make, Best Food For a French Bulldog - Our 2020 Guide, French Bulldog Health Risks – Welfare Problems Behind the Cute Face, How to Increase French Bulldog Lifespan With These Simple Steps, Blue Merle French Bulldog health concerns. ‘. Should avoid warmer climates: If you live in a warmer climate, blue Frenchies may not love it. Bold This There are simply too many to name them all, but we will include some of our favorite ones. Curious about other French Bulldog breed related health problems? It could also occur if you breed a double Merle. Never heard of IVDD? 4 puppies remaining before Dec 25th, afterwards Ethical Frenchie is closed until Mid January. There are three genotypes the dog can carry. Are Merle French Bulldogs doomed and prone to all kinds of health problems? If you have an eye for exotic colors, then research your breeder and make sure that they always prioritize the French Bulldog health, temperament, and features over coat color. Like we previously mentioned, breeding two merle dogs can end in genetic abnormalities, but there is another reason why the merle gene can be problematic in the French Bulldog breed. Blue merle French Bulldog is definitely the most popular and eye-catching merle colors now, but there might be some other adorable color combos you never came across.

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