crosman 1377 won't pump up

This add anything to the mystery? The problem I noticed with mine is the bb just rolls down the barrel? It seemed snug enough. Free shipping . Enjoy round after round of the latest news, campaigns, videos and first release gear-drops from Crosman. How about parts. Atypical for modern pneumatic air pistols (which are mostly charged with a single action of a lever-action pump), the 1377 can be pumped to various levels; Crosman recommends at least three pumps to ensure that the pellet clears the barrel, but as many as ten pumps are advised by the manual. For cheap guns, always try the cheap solution first. Forums › Air Pistols › Air Pistols – Discussion › Help with Crosman 1377 Views : 392 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe October 5, 2020 at 8:51 pm Link Jimmy-ZParticipant Member Hello everyone. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL. As I pump I can hear the air leaking out. One was the 1377 multi-pump. There's no magnet at the bolt to hold the no bb's for the Crosman 1377. General problems include poor range performance, jams and mechanical failure. crosman 1377 parts barrel sliding breech pump handle cocking lever sight .177. crosman 1377 pump. Page created in 0.093 seconds with 22 queries. The front sight it canted to the left. use the brass valve the aluminum will corode when exposed to moisture the brass is much better and the new parts will work in the old valve, I have a sportsman 900 that has the same problem……don't know how to fix it. The 1377 features fully adjustable rear peep or open sights and a fixed blade front. I am selling a stock main pump tube for a Crosman 1377. It is relatively easy to pump, but I can feel some resistance. Crosman 1377. This is a legendary pistol when it comes to multi-pump pneumatic style. A single-shot airgun like the Crosman 1377 won’t help you much in maintaining combat proficiency with your defensive firearms, although Dan and Nick and RF are playing with airguns that do, but trigger time is still trigger time. : Crosman American Classic 1377 Pneumatic .177 Single Shot Pistol : Hunting Air Pistols : Sports & Outdoors ... Includes up to 600 feet per second (FPS) The 1377C features fully adjustable rear peep or open sights and a fixed blade front Weighs 32oz and measures 13.625-Inch This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes Customers who viewed this item also viewed. FOR OTHER CROSMAN GRIPS VISIT THE GRIPS PAGE HERE. i have been a mechanic for almost 37 years  i build automatic transmissions  , i need to know why atf would harm the seals, i know for a fact motor oil that has been poured in brake master cylinders  swell the seals   terrible mess  and i know   the old wives tale of people putting brake fluid in auto transmission    which is a bad thing to  but it will help for  a short time  it will swell the seals terribliy sometimes almost impossible to get the pistons out of the drums  i have never knew atf or any auto transmission fluid hurting seals. A Custom Shop Upgrade is in order for anyone encountering this issue. The reduced vol one has an adjustable pump the stock one doesn't. This looks too complicated. The pump cup appeared to be in good shape. NEW SUPER COMPLETE TUNE-UP REBUILD RESEAL KIT for Crosman 2240 … Personally I like my old metal receiver Powermaster 66 better than the 2200/2100. The Daisy 880/901/Winchester 77x/77xs: This only deals with the current model versions of these. Is this that much harder? This listing is for the tube only. Pointed pellets and crosman 7.9 gr. Is there a web site where the schematic could be found? Ross McKinnon. $18.50 + $3.75 shipping . what you see you get. The 1377 pump up air pistol from Crosman is the American Classic pistol that has inspired shooters for years thanks to its solid and reliable mechanism that makes it one of the best pneumatic air pistols currently on the market. Hey where did you get that handheld vice/pin press thing, I could use one of them……what's it called? Search, buy and sell Air Guns on GunStar today! Walmart sells automatic transmission stop leak, I think it's K&W brand. Please ask any questions before purchasing. it shoots .177 pellets. Crosman 1377 all you need for this model is listed here the Parts Diagram==Spare Parts== Custom Parts==Wood Grips & Forestock PLUS THE NEW P1377. Here’s the links for ... We proved that on a bullseye target we set up at 10 yards in the woods. !>>> It has a good range, really good power, good fps, and really comfortable to hold!! 1. The 1377 model indicates the barrel and bolt are for .177 caliber pellets while the 1322 is fitted for .22 caliber. I purchased a lot … This is the old version with the pull action and no actual bolt handle. When not using the 1377C or other muti-pump gun, should you leave it pumped? 4.0 out of 5 stars 253 ratings | 42 answered questions Price: $57.89 & FREE Shipping. As I approached my teens I was introduced to two Crosman creations. As with all air guns, problems can arise from … If I put a pellet in, it will fire, but it won't penetrate a plastic milk carton … Logged short list 1) get up! Greetings! My old 1377, purchased sometime around 1983 or 1984, finally gave up the ghost and wouldn't hold a pump. The 1377 pump up air pistol from Crosman is the American Classic pistol that has inspired shooters for years thanks to its solid and reliable mechanism that makes it one of the best pneumatic air pistols currently on the market. Details : Brand: Crosman: Caliber: 4.5: Item Weight: 2.1 Pounds: Barrel material: Alloy Steel: Frame Material: Plastic: About this item This fits your . Crosman 1377, 1322 fiber sight barrel band adapter w/ threaded nose. 2. The pump up action makes it perfect for target shooting and close range pest control. $7.88. I will research the recommendations.Thanks for any help! The only sound it makes while pumping is mechanical noises. Your body knows that this is not your baby and your breast won’t give up the liquid gold. it shoots .177 pellets. This looks too complicated. The Crosman model 1377 (also known as the "American Classic") is a single-shot, bolt-action, pneumatic .177 caliber pellet gun, featuring a rifled steel barrel and imitation wood checkered plastic grips.The 1377 was introduced in 1977, and has been in continuous production ever since. The pistol is in very good shape but doesn't hold air. Logged Roswell, New Mexico; Alan I have a Hill EC-3000 compressor. I purchased a lot of several air pistols, which included a Crosman American Classic 1377. Buy Now. Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community around the world. ANy suggestions appreciated. if it is contaminated with oil or some other  types of lubricates it will  ruin seals in most anything  but the viscosity would not be proper for air guns . Are you tried of pinching your fingers and not having a secure grip? Power Source: pump Caliber: .177 (4.5 mm) Max Velocity: up to 495 fps (150.88 m/s) Capacity: Single shot Length: 13.63 GTA Donations; Posts: 17; Crosman 1377 Repair - Would not hold air « on: April 12, 2010, 03:43:44 PM » My old 1377, purchased sometime around 1983 or 1984, finally gave up the ghost and wouldn't hold a pump. This one was built for a friend who was wanting to hunt with it. Stanley from USA: Joe, this information is not in the manual because if it never broke down they couldn't sell you repair parts (its about money dude? ) HP pellets all day long with hits dead on. 1377 Diagram & Spare Parts 1998-Present . Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 7:58 pm . If you answered YES to any of these … Read More $ 28.95 Add to cart. This video is about the 1377 and 1322 teardown to replace seals and the piston cup. Or indeed are they even worth bothering with? This set up later had the flat top piston to valve gap adjusted, and got these numbers. We also have Shoulder Stock, you can find it from our store. READ THIS: This Is The Old GTA Forums, Which Is Now An Archive. The 1377 is not a competition level target airgun, but its long rifled barrel makes it fairly accurate. What parts are needed? This pistol comes in .177 caliber and is fully legal in Canada because it has been modified by manufacturer to stay within Canadian legal limits. Where am I looking for the check valve / valve stem? F.y.i. Crosman products include classic air guns such as the Pumpmaster Model 760, break-barrel air rifles, biathlon trainers and air pistols. @ 5 pumps. If I pump it up, then wait 10 seconds, it won't move the BB. The rear sight is canted to the right. The Crosman 1377C is a powerful multi-pump pneumatic that's been enjoyed by millions of shooters for decades. Bobo. The pistol grip is somewhere in between, and none of it is perpendicular to the pump arm pin, which is necessary to align the whole tragedy. I was given a 140 that won't hold air. Crosman 1377. Just in case you didn't know... Other than that..probably a leaking seal. Both have weaker springs in the air valve to insure a full dump of air. Can anyone offer any advice on buying, are the older models better than the newer ones, is there one particular model to look out for? I have one Crosman 1377 pump action pistol in sealed pack for sale, following are the specification, If ever there was a classic American air pistol, it would be this gun. Have no idea about the care or storage it had. For what it it worth, I bought a Crosman 1377, set up by their custom shop for a friend. Hope this thread inspires someone to tune or rebuild an old 1377 or 1322. The exhaust valve assembly had a deep scratch running down it. Where do you get parts? The 2100 probably uses the same set up. No New Post Nor New Registrations Allowed Here. Thread: Crosman 1377/1322 pump up pistol advice. I oiled the cup real good with some ATF and it improved the situation, but I could still get an occasional loose pump if I pumped real slow.

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