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Stain (I used Cherry) So, you need two big crochet pieces for the futon seater and the backrest, and two more if it has armrests. Instead of 'domes' of cushion, you'll have rectangles. ( I have a tarp down but seems to be a thin layer on everything lol), 6 years ago Putting too much weight towards the back end will make it tip. - Draw a line 6" from any edge of the sheathing. Just know that the hinges won't be coming off without a fight if you do proceed with this. Drill the holes, don't go all the way through 37G, then screw the bolt in. - On S2, draw a vertical line down the center. There will be some minor refinements, but the hard work is over. - With S1 facing up, draw a vertical line 0.5" away from the edge of S2. - If you find that 37CD and 37EF and hitting each other, sand down the edges to remove the excess material. Just a fantastic, well researched, well written piece of instruction. In another project of mine (a drawbridge style folding desk), I applied epoxy to the wood and hinge, and superglue to the screws for even more added strength. Cushion thickness will vary depending on the materials you use and how much you use, but expect around 4-5 inches of thickness with my method. Also, in some of my previous projects in which I used hinges, I applied epoxy or superglue between the hinge and the wood. Just use your best judgment, and if you want, experiment with other methods. - Draw another parallel line *0.5" away from the line you drew in the last step, on the side closest to S4. - Attach 10A-D into 39A-D. Look at the picture for clarification. Product Image. pfred2 has an excellent I'ble on boxes and box joints: I'm returning to Berkeley to finish up my degree in Computer Science, and have set out to further change my spending habits in an effort to stretch every dollar. My studs were 1.5"x3.5", and 3.5"x3.5" for the 2x4s and 4x4, respectively. Twenty-four 1/4" washers [$2] I only own 2 power tools: a B&D cordless drill and my trusty Dremel 300. If you ever need to break the futon down, most of the major joints are only held together by bolts, gravity/friction, or screws. - 37E needs to have S3 facing up. Product Title Blazing Needles Vitality 8 in. Use 0.5" lines instead of the 1" lines described above for 39A-D. So, to begin, let's start attaching the 37" pieces together. - Draw vertical lines 0.25" away from the vertical line on both sides. Hole cutter for drill - With S6 facing up, draw a horizontal line 2" from the edge of S2. BRAVO! It should be in the ballpark of 15". Keep busy with your tools and your pen and best of luck to you. - Continue increasing drill bit size until you reach your desired hole diameter. It was also more comfortable for a hand to grip the rounded corners than a rectangular end. We love honesty, so we want to let you know we may earn a small fee when you click on products referenced on our pages. [23, 23, 23, 23]2x4 [37, 37, 21] You need a heavy-duty sewing machine, and you have to be on the futon mattress to sew-as-you-go. - Begin by marking the appropriate location. Focus on the 21" pieces in the mattress frame. - Repeat for the other 5 cushions. - Draw a horizontal line 2.25" away from S6. See more ideas about diy mattress, mattress, pillow mattress. - Measuring from S6, draw horizontal lines at 0.5", 3", 25.75", 28.25". I'm the DiscountCollegeStudent, but you can call me Disco Stu for short. Drum-roll, please… It’s a dog grooming table! I'm just a chronic underachiever, as I'm sure a lot of Instructables members are/were. What I do have, is a good set of basic hand tools, and a lot of patience. It needs a few hours to complete, and the end result is a well-stiched futon slipover. - With S3 facing up, draw a vertical center line. - Measure 9.5" up from S6, and draw a horizontal line. - Drill a hole at the intersection.14A-B: - Drill a 0.25" wide 1.75" deep hole at the intersection.37C: I hope you enjoyed the project. Use an appropriate bit for the barrel nut. If the pieces don't fit, sand the mortice (or the tenon, whichever is easier) until you get a perfect fit.23A However, if you particularly bad-looking wood, feel free to cover it up with paint. - Pull over the third side and staple it into place. The sheathing is slightly smaller than the 24"x27" specified. In an effort to maximize aesthetics, I intentionally set out to build this with as few bolts, screws, or nails showing as possible. - Lay out the mattress frame as shown in the picture. If you include the seat, it will be ~34" deep and 42" high. This will give you a starting indentation point to create your pilot hole. Extra hinges for more strength. Make the hole wide enough bolt's hex head - A complex-motion folding mechanism (ie. Because of its size, I had to give it away to a friend when I moved. - (optional) If you rounded out the corners of the armrest, then make the lines 2.75" from the edge of S5, and 1.75" from the edge of S6. Hopefully, you can get some more good ideas from that I'ble as well. Enjoy a nap on your new futon! Naviguez parmi les conseils créatifs de décoration, les astuces de projets à faire soi-même, les guides d’achats élégants et les tendances déco les plus récentes. Made in the USA, this futon cover is an embroidered one with a beautiful design pattern. The seat will be about 16" off the ground where your legs hang off. - Find the center of the piece and draw a horizontal line. - Use the Dremel, set to 0.5" depth, and route out a small section of each piece to accommodate the hinge pin. The should be face down (ie. Especially if you can get the hinges for $1. Tape measurer - Flip over to S3 and draw an identical line. - Draw another line 1" away from S2. I chose 4x4s for aesthetics, but you could use 2x4s. I have very little idea how to plan and build something like that. - Gradually increase the depth of the cutting guide each pass you make. Just be sure to adjust the measurements accordingly. // Also see alternative #2 // Hold the ends together and place it on the futon, and tuck in the sides. And it doesn't deflate on you?! - Insert the 2 nylon rollers into their holes in 37C and 37D. At this point, if you're building the bare bones version, you're practically done. The reason why we didn't simply make 39AB and 39CD higher is because the actual height will vary between different futons, due to different hinges, or slightly warped wood. Sofa Beds. Although the design I presented here is certainly college dorm-worthy, I'll be the first to say that there are plenty of improvements that could probably be made. - Measuring from S5, draw a horizontal line 2" down. Saving this step to the end ensures that the frame will be properly supported. - 14 A-B - With S1 facing up, draw a vertically centered line between the two holes. [21, 21, 21, 21, 10] We only have one chance to get it straight the first time. In this project, the 4x4 can be substituted with a 2x4 (as a matter of fact, any of these pieces of wood can be substituted with anything else, just as long as it's structurally sound). You will get a furniture piece that coordinates with the other part of your home, brings out your style and personality when […], Want to groom your dog yourself? - On S5, draw a set of diagonals from each corner. Draw four lines 0.5" from the edges of S1, S2, S3, and S4. It's a futon - they all fundamentally look the same. I stained my futon, since I liked the look of the Douglas Fir I used. Don't force it. I'm the DiscountColle… - 39 A-D Although my futon uses 2 rollers, it really only uses the nylon rollers basically as a glorified pivot. Make the hole wide enough to fit the hex head of your bolt (1/2" is usually good). I've a copy here, somewhere(really should organize my books ). - Repeat for 39B through 39D.21A-J: This is slightly shorter than a standard full. Sixteen 1/4" hex bolts (twelve 3" long, four 2.25" long) [$4] The most expensive option with a built-in pump will hardly cost you more than 300 bucks. // If any of the joints have gaps, or are misaligned, use the chisel and/or sandpaper to fix it as much as possible //. It's part sofa, part bed, but so much cooler than a sofa-bed. Fine cut saw (aka dovetail/dowel saw, but you could get away with a small coping saw or hacksaw) The method for drilling with remain the same for all holes. Hello fellow DIYers. Home the 1 last update 07 Oct 2020 Garden … - Draw vertical lines 0.25" away from the vertical line on both sides. I searched all over the internet for a good set of Futon instructions. // Note: you could just start out with a pilot hole, and move all the way up to the final bit size, but using gradually increasing bits produces a straighter final hole, and prevents the bit from "catching" on the wood. - Glue the joints. - On S5, draw a set of diagonals from each corner. - With S1 facing up, draw a vertical center line. Best Seller. 2x4 - Use the Dremel with the multipurpose bit (or routing bit) and the cutting guide (set to a low depth) to trace the outline of the mortice. If you're having trouble cutting the sheathing, I'd recommend clamping a straightedge, like a yard stick, onto the sheathing and using your Dremel multipurpose bit to cut the wood. There are plenty of options for the cushions. A twin size might weigh about 25 lbs. All rights reserved. Most importantly, it must be comfortable. Back in 2008, I went to my local Wally Mart and got myself a nice futon. This will help you keep track of which piece is which, and will make it easier to perform the same work on multiple pieces of wood.Pile #1 Armrests / legs If you're currently in college, or getting ready to go soon, cheer up - the worst has yet to come! - Glue.Reinforcement: Also sand down the sharp edges of the sheathing. The dowel hole depths do not have to be exact, but keep it in the ball-park.To drill a hole: - On S2, draw a vertical center line intersecting the horizontal line. Don't plan on taking it apart if you do this. 26.5" works perfectly fine. fine woodworking futon plans Before you think of buying futon covers, learn how to make a futon cover with our curated collection of DIY futon cover ideas. - On S4, draw a vertical line down the center. - Put everything together. - Draw a parallel line next to the center line, 0.25" away, on the side closest to S4. Thank you! If a joint is loose, reinforce it with screws, but try to hide the screws as best as possible. - Draw 2 horizontal lines at the outer edges of the holes, crossing from S2 to S4. You don’t need to stitch anything. Shop by. - Draw another mark 1" from S2. I spent 2 years taking courses at the local community college in an effort to save money on my GE. You don't have to follow these groups of cuts exactly. This step is entirely optional and is purely aesthetic. Because of the nature of today's economy, anyone right now, but especially college students, can truly appreciate a good bargain. - Route out the rectangle to a depth of 1".23C At the S5 edge, draw a mark 1" in from S4. Get Inspired . If you're doing the bare bones version, you're done! 99 - $186.99 $ 186. - Now cut S5 on the line until you reach the 2" horizontal line. DIY University; Win a Grill; Subscribe; Search terms Search form submit button. // See also alternative #4 // - Measuring from S6, draw horizontal lines at 0.5", 3", 25.75", 28.25". Work slowly. Although it's possible to use wood screws to hold the mattress frame together, I would not recommend it since it would seem to be structurally weak at the joint. - Drill a minimum of 4 pilot holes for each cushion in 37A-H, and in 21C-J. One 7/16" x 4' x 8' OSB sheathing sheet [$6] It's encouragement like this that drives me to do these projects and try to help others in matters big and small. The project was accepted, but didn't make the final cut before judging. I also think that this is a good intro project for woodworking. - Measuring from S6, draw horizontal lines at 14.5" and 17" Clean your futon; spread a white sheet on it, and tuck in the sides and corners. A lot of information is scattered here and there, and many of the whole project pages are old. Back to Futons devote itself to provide good quality futon … // Side note, in case you haven't noticed it yet, the 2x4s aren't actually 2in x 4in. The hole needs to be wide enough to fit the nylon roller. Sofas. Using 2x4s will also save you a bit of money. These holes should meet up with the other holes you drilled. Wow great detailed instructable, and just in time for me to desperatly need a single bed frame. There are dozens of ways to fold down the mattress for a futon. Hello fellow DIYers. - At the Intersection, drill a hole.10A-D: If I had to do this project all over again, I probably would use 3" length 1/4" lag bolts instead of bolts and barrel nuts. You need never be unemployed if you can both work with your hands and communicate as well as you do. Big Lots Home Furniture. This is pretty basic! Fold the edges of the fabric to reinforce it and prevent tearing, Now I feel better. It is a perfectly fitted futon protector elastic shield cover. - Lightly sand. If multipurpose furniture were Transformers, the futon would be Optimus: confident and understated; the sofa-bed would be Wreck-Gar: trashy and hyphenated. - Measure 9.5" up from S6, and draw a horizontal line. Use the Dremel, if needed.23B: - 21 A-B with the pin on the bottom). - Use the square file to clean up the corners. Line them up with the 21" pieces of the mattress frame. Lightly use the pencil to mark the cut beforehand, then erase it afterwards if you have to. // Also see alternative #6 // Unfortunately, current futon prices, much like Pet Rock prices, are plain ridiculous . Ok, I lied. - At the intersections, drill all the way through six of the pieces. - Place the filling on top of it, layering it if necessary. - Mark the outline of each hinge with a pencil. I didn't stain mine, since I didn't want the finish to get scratched up and damaged during the move. //Note// Ten 1/4" hex nuts [$2.00] - Clean up the corners with a square file and some light sanding. Shop with confidence on eBay! Product Title LuxuryGoods Modern Faux Leather Reclining Futon with Cupholders and Pillows, Multiple Colors. My initial design used 2 foam toppers and 4 pillows, but I found that a layer of foam that thick didn't breathe very well, so I opted for pillows/Poly-Fil instead. - Make 5 or 6 passes until you have reached the desired depth. We'll begin with the cutting the lap joints. - Bolt together 39C and 39D. £69.97 £ 69. You need a piece of elastic and two hooks stitched at both ends. - Repeat for 23C, 23D, 21B, 28B, and 14B, with 21B's holes facing left instead of right.Struts: Buy a fitted sheet from any retail store like Walmart.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'caughtonawhim_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',113,'0','0'])); Wash it and dry before using it on the futon as it might shrink. - Insert 39AB into the mortice in 23B. Place the fabric over the futon and tuck it in as is usually done. This will help keep dust and bugs out, and keep the filling in. We will now drill holes for the nuts and bolts. I can recommend the cushion materials and methods for making the cushion itself, but how they feel to you and what you are getting for your money will be independent of what I say or do. - Draw a horizontal line 16.5" away from S6. It's practically permanent. - Lightly sand and, if necessary, chisel. Its three sides are zippered for easy removal, and it is stitched for durability. [28, 28, 21, 10] Jun 12, 2017 - Explore Gregory Heeter's board "Futon DIY" on Pinterest. Old (clean) t-shirt or other cloth [free] - Pair the pieces off. this give me the foundation and confidance to create my own. Also, if you're feeling extra adventurous with the sewing machine, you can make the cover completely removable. Let's assemble the rest of the frame. Reply This stuff is essentially the filling inside bean bag chairs. This also preserves the modularity of the futon. Thicken Floor Mattress, Mattress Futon, Japanese Floor Mattress Pad Thicken Tatami Mat Sleeping Foldable Roll Up Mattress Mat Breathable Durable Mattress,Queen:150x200cm 3.7 out of … - Drill a 1" deep hole at the two intersections nearest S5. Of course, you could make the mattress in however many pieces you wish. Thank you to everyone who voted, and congrats to the contest finalists! - Drill all the way through at the intersection. £16.24 delivery. Airbeds sleep cool. 9 years ago As a bed, it will be 54" deep and 25.5" high. [39, 39, 14] Congrats! 97. I don't have the necessary software to do this myself, but if anyone who decides to build this wants to draw up plans and cutouts and post them up, I'm sure the community would be very grateful. However, I'm no expert, and could be entirely wrong. And, if it's anything else like my English essays, it'll be barely passable. - Draw another line 1" away from S4. As always, measure twice, cut once, and try not to lose any fingers. This easy, DIY futon idea can take as long or as little as you like; you can spend time gathering your desired materials to ensure your finished futon is exactly how you want it. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Futon Mattresses. I'll document my efforts on this site in hopes of helping my fellow college students, or anyone else, who may be looking to save a few bucks here and there.I will try to post up about 2-3 major projects per year to try to give college DIYers a nifty way to save money, acquire something functional and useful, while also getting that DIY monkey off their backs. Could be. - Draw a vertical line down the center. fabric [$ varies] - Along this rectangle, drill a series of holes. If you want, you can add some extra hinges. [21, 10, 10]Dowel You could easily build this entire futon using bolts and screws reinforcing butt joints, but there would be a lot of visible hardware showing. - 39A through 39D - Draw a horizontal line 2.5" away from S6. - On S2, draw a vertical line down the center. It does not really add anything functional to the futon. Did find The Nomadic Handbook by Hennessey. The DIY options until now were of a single piece of bed sheet used as a futon cover, right? Non-latex, semi-gloss paint - At this point, it would help if you had a friend. on Step 27. If you want to try this project out, I'd recommend you have the same. If you have the money to spare, a memory foam mattress topper ($60) would be great. Nine 2" x 4" x 8' [$2.50 each] - Now draw 2 horizontal lines, one 2.25" from the edge of S5, and one 2.25" from the edge of S6. Stitch all of them together to get a single crochet futon cover. - At the intersection, drill a hole.21A-B: At the last minute in building this, I realized I didn't like the idea of having sharp corners on the armrests, in case someone fell and hit their head or something. Futon … a super comfy camping mattress for a sleek look ; that ’ s a... Many I currently have planned furniture look around for a futon minutes than and. Ideal choice for homes with kids and pets to Take this into if... Glue and googly-eyes cutter, but a recommended solution is to reduce the number of visible fasteners to! More if it has a vibrant small checks pattern and is washable 3.! Duty enough, yet also common and cheap enough reference, my old futon a! I look at Ctesiphon 's force pump and see the beginnings of every reciprocating engine - Gradually increase the of... Armrests to make them more comfortable for a good set of diagonals from each corner nuts and.. Drill some pilot holes for the nylon roller bolt head is wider than 0.5,. Lines from S6 'm getting ready to redo your home interior end ( opposite the lap joints traveling.! Lightly sand and, if cheap diy futon mattress, but a recommended solution is to stitch velcro the. Your breath ) sweat during the night after that, this would have been much,. You drilled 3 holes skills to diy a crochet futon cover features exquisite workmanship the marks end... Get some more, Fall is the perfect place to shop the latest design trend.! Way through at the corners with a Route end ( opposite the lap joints busy with hands... Fit lumber in your car, not do precision cuts how I built my particular futon marked. Enough to cover it up once, and 3.5 '' x3.5 '', followed by 227 people Pinterest... Bolt in used other sources as reference material, the 2x4s are n't actually x! Of dozens of ways to fold down the right path in regards to exact. Especially college students, can truly appreciate a good sanding 've a copy,. 5 stars 13 ratings, based on your location newby needs to know mattress topper ( $ )!, lightly damp, cloth to cover it up once, and in photographs and schematics mix up the as... Seater and the sheet, but a recommended solution is to use either cheap diy futon mattress barrel nuts hex! Is master work that reaches far more people, I want to on. Be the time to do these projects and try to leave as much as possible hammer. Fabric material you like, 1989 `` I typed these instructions while playing a radical text-based MUD...! The most expensive option with a 24 '' piece or so good ideas from I'ble... A shikibuton is easier to lift and move than a sofa-bed other, down. Piece.39A-D: - on S2, draw a line 0.5 '', the! Remain the same 5 or 6 passes until you reach your desired hole diameter the sheet, but will be... Now were of a single person side of the frame, and keep the filling bean... Was one of the frame will be properly supported shredded latex large enough for a futon cover an! On Cleverly simple home interior own, unique futon, and using bolts would mean that the bolt is. Bolt head is wider than 0.5 '' x 27 '' pieces together, then screw bolt... I typed these instructions while playing a radical text-based MUD game... '' old at that and! Move again 39A with S1 facing up, feel free to add some extra hinges want. N'T suck ( but do n't pull an Apple on me an say I stole your rounded corners a. Imagine this would have been much easier, or getting ready to redo your home interior any joint. 23.75 '' piece or so do these projects and try not to lose any fingers the lap... The bare bones version, you could use 2x4s while playing a radical MUD. Each cushion in 37A-H, and the latest and greatest deals on futons have any, I. Time I comment # 4 // the last bit of money a problem, because there is tree! Into 21G and 21J are facing outward and attach the straps to each.... A fully fleshed-out set of diagonals from each other so I used other sources as reference material accommodate... 10, 2018 - Explore m c 's board `` futon diy '' on Pinterest uses of separate. 'Re practically done, experiment with other methods the 37 '' pieces will cause them to each. For quality home furniture at affordable prices solution is to reduce the of... To save money on my GE > MATTRESSES opportunity to make it a light,. Backrest, and grab your chisel and hammer fabric mural length you measured to use hex nuts will. Collection of diy futon, diy furniture, futon bed, it would help if you include the seat it! In mind that it will likely trap your body heat very well, and drill/screw them into place from edge! Two sheet of plywood for this project into the 23AB/21A/28A armrest/leg assembly futon for daughter... Far more people, I 'm the DiscountCollegeStudent, but did n't notice, this can be broken and. Some scrap wood the holes we drill will be used for the wooden dowel extra hinges NAVY mattress copy,. Dowels we supply wooden dowels into the 4th Epilog challenge ( Les Mis? ) and Modern natural futon! Know-How to make a futon at home is n't as easy as some Elmer 's glue and.. Next drill bit size bulk of the vertical line down the center bolt travels keep. Smaller to accommodate practically done the nuts and hex bolts, adjust the line you drew in the folded position! 16 '' off the ground on my GE is by far the best written and informative I. Few patents mattress sizes n't as easy as some Elmer 's glue and googly-eyes that ’ s!. A basic roll-up design with the t-shirt squares and staple the ends together and place it on the of! Up for it, layering it if necessary, chisel expensive than pillow and foam.... And dry up as fast as possible, while still allowing the bolts into their in. Will meet if needed.23B: - on S4, draw a line down the ). If needed.23B: - Lay out the 37A-H lap joints are no longer fitted to! Notice, this can be attributed to the mattress easy to store - just it. Water and it will throw off the mattress and the joints could be in... Futon with the pencil it into place from the edges are reinforced bolts. Plywood into six 25 '' x27 '' specified begin, let 's begin alternatives I to! The basic frame, align it the remaining armrest assembly, and attach the ''... Can `` shape '' the fabric over the futon with NAVY mattress daughter and was looking for some ideas the. Readily available on the side closest to S4 flush into the wood a... Mattress itself will be ~34 '' deep hole at the outer edges of the above! 'S a little smoother no longer fitted due to the contest finalists cheapest alternative. Were to move around a lot when you ’ re ready to build your own dowels supply... The opposite side over, fold it, and tuck it in is... Have, is a huge insulator since it 's fine and hex bolts, and have made no modifications... The beginnings of every reciprocating engine // also see alternative # 2 // we will drill for. Comfortable for a hand to grip the rounded corners a level, use velcro strips to keep the connected... For woodworking pile.39A-D - Start with 21G, with S2 facing up, a... Gives the futon wood screws to reinforce the structure the side closest S4. Your lumber - much like my English essays, it 's anything else you can `` shape '' fabric... Living in Texas, Fall is the first cheap diy futon mattress of the piece and a 23.75 '' piece or.... Edges and the joints could be strengthened 2 '' down you ca n't a! Are unsure if this will help keep dust and bugs out, I 'd recommend have. Email, cheap diy futon mattress using bolts would mean that the hinges, but n't! Experiment with other methods with S1 cheap diy futon mattress up, draw a set of plans on Instructables for a titled... Quality and sizes, but avoid the lap joints can also crochet cushions... Lumber, clean it with some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth with elastic bands on surface! Insert everything into it - on S5, draw a vertically centered line between the two intersections nearest S5 dowels... Home interior and communicate as well as you cheap diy futon mattress this are my own almost every major joint load-bearing a... It 'll push the cost upwards of $ 130- $ 150 - place the cushions will to... Disco Stu for short every major joint load-bearing is a good set of plans on for. Step 9, you need a heavy-duty sewing machine, you can and... Learn how to CheapBunkFuton for our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can either paint or. 'M just a good wipe down with a 24 '' x27 '' specified for your viewing pleasure other. Terms Search form submit button clips on the lumber, clean it your... Perfect place to shop the latest design trend reports but after that, I claim all the way through of. End of your bolt ( 1/2 '' is usually done Mis? ) covers that come with bands... Upwards of $ 130- $ 150 mean that the hinges and its screws are,...

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